Down with Negativity

I try to be a fairly positive person.  Sometimes I have to have a good whine, but generally I’m up-beat.

About a month ago I suddenly became hyper-sensitive to how often myself and others begin a sentence with something like, “you know what I hate….” or “I can’t stand it when….”.  It occurred to me that we have gotten so numb to this that has become a default language of choice for myself and those close by.

It’s time to look beyond this type of self-pity, self-centered me-ness.  It’s time to start self-policing this type of language and turn your outlook around.

After all, the rest of the world isn’t here to serve and please you.  However, if you have the right perspective, you might find most everything is pleasing in some fashion.

To kick off the anti-negativity campaign, I’m starting a new twitter thread #apositivenote  ….if you’re on twitter help spread the love, if not, please leave a comment!



One response to “Down with Negativity

  1. you know, i hate when… lol :o)
    very good blog and i agree with you.

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